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Delivery information

Do you ship to my city and location?

  • For a superlative customer experience, we have decided to deliver each product by Safe express. We currently deliver all metro city & Local

What is the estimated delivery time?

  • Products are typically dispatched within 10-18 days of order confirmation.
  • All the products are transported and delivered using the Mitta Papers delivery network.
  • While we try to ensure that the product reaches you within the delivery time communicated, exigencies may delay the delivery. In such cases, please do not worry. Get in touch with us for the latest update on your shipment if we have already not gotten in touch with you.
  • For pre-orders, the estimated delivery time is 12 – 15 days starting from the day of shipping. The day of shipping is indicated on your product page at the time of order. Please note that we will NOT be able to ship pre-orders earlier than the indicated time.

Are there any shipping charges or any additional hidden charges?

  • No, shipments are free of charge. Any additional charges like Octroi, entry taxes are paid for by the sellers. When you enter a pin-code in the address field while ordering a product, the system will indicate whether we ship to your pin-code or not.

How do I track my order?

  • We try our best to deliver your product before you can even think ‘Where is it now?’ i.e. well within 10 days of your order (or 10 days of the promised shipment date in the case of pre-orders). In a few cases however, we take closer to our promised 12 – 15 days for delivery. In such cases, we proactively call / email the customer to inform them of the status of their product and where it is in transit. In the rare case when you have not received any communication from us for 10 days after order (or 10 days after promised shipment date in the case of pre-orders) do give us a call at our customer care number or email us at info@mittapapers.com.